Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beer Can Chicken

This was really good. It was real hot out when I did this so, I used my smoker as a BBQ. I didn't think that the chicken would fit in the Gas Grill.

Here's what ya do. grab a chicken (remove all the stuff from the inside, I sometimes for get that part.) take an can (beer, soda, whatever) and cut the top off with a can opener. fill it about halfway with beer ( really I think you can use just about anything, beer, soda, wine, etc.).

Insert the can (opened end first) into the bottom of the chicken. (might want to test fit first if its a smaller chicken)

Grab the chicken and can and place on the grill ( you can do this in the oven also, I just can't rember the temp and time, maybe Bill can post that part.) Use the chicken legs as tripods so the the chicken is standing straight up.

Cover, and cook.

Here is the top view. I threw in some corn for about 20 min at the end. (I love corn cooked on the grill).

Here you can see the Can in the bottom of the chicken. My BBQ isn't completely flat, so I also had to lean the chickens up against each other to help keep them upright. (my first attempt, they landed in the dirt. Dad, does that bring back any memories from Buzzards?)

They tasted really good. My only mistake was that I let them cook to long. I think the next time it really cools off (Fall sometime) I'm gonna try this in the oven.

Also with my next one will be to play with either a marinade or spice rub.