Monday, July 20, 2009

Natural Medicine Talk

Many of you know that I have been working very hard at losing a lot of weight! Over the years I’ve packed on about 50-55 extra pounds. I would love to attribute that all to my two pregnancies, but I know I can’t. My poor attention to my health is more of a cause than my two adorable children.

I’ve made every effort to pay attention to my activity level. I am also looking very closely at what I’m ingesting! Not only am I paying attention to the foods I eat but also to the medication I put into my body! I’ve posted several recipes here. I’ve never mentioned everything else.

I found a really great health forum site called Natural Medicine Talk. There are 12 different discussion forums on a wide variety of topics from alternative therapies to vision. It’s very user friendly. There is just so much information about natural medicine and therapies on far reaching topics. I enjoy the off topic forums as well. I can discuss non medical related topics with like minded individuals! So check it out, you will find something worth reading and talking about.

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