Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicken Caesar Wraps

The very first time I had these was in a hospital cafeteria. I know for a fact that on Tuesdays they serve this, so I have been trying to keep all my appts on Tuesdays! Hahaha. But seriously. Good.

Wrap Shells or Tortillas (I like the green ones, super thin)
Caesar salad (I used bag salad and dressing, really complex I know)
Chicken Strips (or grilled but come on, the deli makes it for you)

Pretty complex really. You toss together your salad. I used Ken's litehouse dressing. They make a lite caesar that is delish! Chop up your chicken strips and toss into sald, make sure to stir. Lay out shell. Pour salad and chicken mix onto wrap shell, sprinkle with cheese and wrap it up. I cut mine in half, it's easier to devour that way.....Also, this would be good with bacon too.

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Jo said...

Looks so good,and easy!
This year I am going to focus on healthier recipes, I think I will try this one!