Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer Salad

I call this pasta "Summer Salad" after my good friend Summer who introduced me to it. I will never like another pasta salad again!

INGREDIENTS: (None of these are measured...sorry!)
About 3 cups of cooked bowtie noodles
Big handful of baby spinach
1 can drained of olives
Sundried tomatoes (or not, sick!)
4 string cheese's cut into pieces
1/2 Pinenuts
a few drizzles of olive oil
basil flakes
garlic powder
Salt to taste

Cook noodles and drain, but while these are cooking. Cut up string cheese, and throw olives spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts in a big bowl. Drain noodles and let them cool. When cooled mix all together in a bowl and add oil salt and garlic first...taste to your liking, then add a ton of basil flakes. YUMAROONI!

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Kelsie said...

I'm trying this tonight only I'm using almonds instead of pine nuts since I don't have any. Thanks for the recipe!