Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Perfect Sandwich

I love sandwiches. In every shape size and form. Something about that perfect combo of carbs, protein and veggies makes me happy. My perfect sandwich is always more veggies then meat and very light on the condiments. I start with whole wheat bread, yellow mustard on both slices, 1 slice of turkey (sometimes no turkey), romaine, tomato, and onion. I usually always have all those ingredients in my fridge. Sometimes I will have left over veggies like mushrooms, sprouts, and bell peppers that I get to add. I love the crunch of all the fresh veggies with the light yumminess of the bread. So yummy. What's on your perfect sandwich?

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Suzi Homemaker said...

I love peanut butter...seriously. But I like subway sandwiches... Turkey on wheat with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, pickles, olives, extra onion, southwest sauce, and lots of black pepper. Diet coke to wash it down....WOMAN now I'm hungry!